Making a change

Hey there, so, today is thursday 5 and i really need to make a change. I have been doing little things but I guess its moment to make a drastic change, todo something to mark or to give a beginning to this new stage of life.

I will (and no one will or nothing will get in may pass) do a water fast of 11 days at first, and once ive reached the eleventh day i will extend it to 28.

It may not be easy so i will try my best at doing videos and blogs, and many things to keep me busy. I will start on sunday, and tomorrow and saturday will be to acomodate my body and to relaxe my mind so it will be a kind of transition to the fast.

Besides the weight loss fact of the fasting, it will be for my emotional detox and my mental health, cause i’ve been feeling depressed and axious latley. Been purging and falling in old habbits so, it’s a way to let all of that go. And to start over.


day #2/ Raw Vegan Challenge

Today is my second day in this raw vegan challenge and I have to be honest, yesterday I had literally 3 french fries and well… today my mom was trying a new vegan carrot cake recipe so I had to try a little bit. But well, there’s always going to be little things here and there.

I’m really excited because I have never been able to eat so many veggies and nonrice and pasta and stuff and that make me proud. I’m really hoping to be able to not cheat.

Tomorrow I will be going to the gym for the first time in a long time. They will be measuring me so I will have my weight earlier than what I wanted. They will also give a new plan and ideas and that makes me really happy. Oh, and I found classes of Yoga so I really excited about starting YOGA!!!!

Going back to the raw challenge, yesterday I had for breakfast a really delicious mango. For lunch I had an enormous salad, it had broccoli, carrots, tomato, pepper, onion, mushroom and a home made sauce of ajonjoli. For dinner I had a smothie, a green one; it was mostly kale and strawberries, and the three french fries 🙂 By the way, have anyone watch “a man called Ove” OMG it’s so good! I loved it. Everyone should watch it.

Today I had a green smoothie bowl for breakfast, it had avocado, spinach, mango, banana, chia and raw cacao; it was really good. For lunch, i had a Brussels salad and some watermelon. And I’m thinking of having a raw tomato soup.

If there’s anyone who wants to know how to make vegan carrot cake just leave a comment and I will be posting the recipe 🙂





Raw Vegan Challenge

Hey, not long ago I was watching some videos of some incredible YouTubers and I was really amazed of some really delicious recipes; so I’ve been cooking and I also find out that they made something called the “30 days raw vegan challenge” and I was like, what is that? so I saw some videos and then search a bit more about it, and well; I thought, why not try it?

I’ve been investigating what is this raw vegan challenge and I found a lot of amazing things. From the amazing food to incredible benefits as; weight loss, des-intoxication, more nutrients. I also read that it makes you feel more connected to yourself so I’m really excited about starting this new challenge.

So here is one of the reasons of why I will be trying to do this challenge. I will be starting tomorrow, and I have weight myself; and yeah, I gain a little bit of weight in while I was in New York, but it’s ok. It would be a hundred times better if I hadn’t because my graduation is in November so, I have like 3 or 4 months to get fit and lose as much weight as I can.

And yeah. It’s a really easy challenge and it consists of eating raw food only. So I will be writing and uploading every two or three days, maybe daily. And I will be sharing with you what I will be eating and how it is going my weight loss journey.

Update: my weight right now is 155 lb and my goal is being in 130? maybe; and by the way, I’m starting gym Monday so there is that.

Thanks and I hope you stick around and maybe join me in this 30-day challenge!!

Tips to go Vegan

  1. Find your motive. Stick to it, and it will be really easy
  2. Do it slowly. Don’t cut everything in one go, it will be a million times easier if you cut the ingest of a new thing each week. Like stop eating red meat the first week, then white meat; after getting rid of the meat, stop consuming milk and stuff that use milk, and keep going till you have achieved quitting the ingest of all animal product.
  3. Don’t be upset because you can’t eat something, focus on all the other delicious things you can have. By the way, pretty much every food can be vegan.
  4. Educate yourself, watch documentaries, read articles, find books. By being more educated you won’t hesitate and people won’t be able of breaking you
  5.  Don’t let anyone get on your way. If you really want this, they should support you even though they don’t share the same ideas.
  6. Eat your veggies and your fruits!
  7. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Being vegan gives you so many chances to try new foods
  8. Read labels. You will be surprised that some really weird things may have animal products
  9. Don’t ever get upset with someone. If there’s anyone criticizing you or give you the bad looks, it is not worth it to argue, just let them be

Being vegan  may not be easy, but once you get it, it’s just an amazing way of living.

Starting a new journey

As many people, at one point of their life they want to change, they want to  remake them self, to be someone new; and that’s what I want to do.

I’ve learn that, when you are trying to do something new, you must have something symbolic or something that will mark that moment, at least that’s what I believe. Like this.

Trying a new lifestyle not only to change but also to do some well to yourself, and maybe learning something new, something that may last.

Is like, almost everyone, had this felling of not being enough and it is exhausting, we are always trying to be what other want us to be. And why not trying something for our self?

In this new chapter that I really want to start, I want to be in my “weight goal” of all time; so… I have been reading and educating myself about this thing called Intermittent Fasting. And I thought why not giving it a try. I’ve seen that it helps people breaking old habits, and that  it help loosing weight (double bonus!). So I will be giving it a shot.

There are many different ways to do a fast; in the intermittent fast, there are also some changes depending of your type of lifestyle. The most famous in the IF community are like the 18/6, or the 20/4 and the most common the 16/8. It all depend on what adjust the most to your schedule. I will be doing the 20/4, because, first, it is the one who adjust better to my routine and secondly because, that way I may be able to lose a little bit of more weight.

By the way, Intermittent fasting is not about not eating, is more having a “window” were you are supposed to eat all, and by all I mean ALL your calories.

So yeah, this will be my symbolic “stage” to give it a name, and I’m gonna do it for two weeks, maybe more. But I wanna go slowly so, yeah, here we go first week!



What veganism means to me

Hi, I’m Naty and yeah, I’m vegan. So; what is vegan? more exact, what is veganism?

Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.

The term veganism is not that difficult to understand. Basically is just not consuming or using anything that comes from an animal. Many people wonder why exactly do we go vegan, but there is never a concrete answer. For many people is just because of the animals, others because of the environment, ’cause they had have issues with eating disorders, or just because they want to.

Well, some years ago, my best friend decided to go vegan,  I didn’t pay that much attention of why or what was it; I just knew she didn’t eat meat. It was something normal. But, as time went through I grew up and I finally understood what veganism was. I guess, I didn’t care that much in the moment, I just didn’t want to acept the things she used to tell me. It is really hard to accept the true.

I decided to go vegan this year, I have like four five months of going vegan and it’s been amazing. I feel great, more energy, love, but really, I love all the food vegan gives. It’s just amazing.

When I decided to go vegan it was hard, I was scare that my family would take it well; so I started doing it by myself, I cook, I went grocery shopping, and stuff like that. Then I realize I had to tell my family what I had decide. At first my mom didn’t like the idea, I guess she still doesn’t get it at all, but she’s working on it.

I went easy, taking one thing at the time. It wasn’t that hard, I didn’t like to eat that much of meat, cheese and eggs; what was difficult for me was getting rid of the milk. But, OMG!!! almond milk is just; delicious. And hazelnut milk, they are just glorious.

Actually it is amazing how your body change, and how well it accept the change, for me, I’m just thankful I did this change. It has give me so much, it’s like a new beginning. And I love it!